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For #feedyourwritingfriday: this marvelous compilation from fellow editor Sangeeta Mehta of this year’s events that are specifically designed for, or feature the work of, writers who have historically been placed on the margins, including conferences, book fairs, festivals, and retreats.

logos of companies and events that support historically marginalized writers

23 Diversity-Centered Events to Attend in 2023

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I coach writers who are stuck. Yesterday, the writer I coached was…me. As you may remember from my post about it back in December, I’m writing my first book. It’s a short, friendly guide for nonfiction authors on what editors do, how to find a good one, and how to get the most out of […]

A glass of red wine over a small white paper napkin, next to the edge of a laptop, on a dark wood bar. Wine bottles and lights are out of focus in the background.

On writing where you feel like you

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Oh, small sweet stacktidy, clearwritten with yesterday’sdinner dishes done,today you greet me, give meno decisions to be made,no questions to be asked,no invitation elsewherejust the reliefof already knowingexactly what is to be doneand doing it.

A neon yellow post-it with a short to-do list in blue ink and a blue pen over a printed calendar sheet.

In Appreciation of the Night-before List

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For #feedyourwritingfriday, a suggestion from Lydia Davis to build quiet time onto the end of your writing session so your brain can continue to noodle with your ideas and you’ll be available to catch anything comes forth. Note that for her, this time isn’t a do-nothing time—it could overlap with doing dishes or laundry or taking […]

Leave a pocket of time after writing

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Today’s feedyourwritingfriday: Consider Laura Portwood-Stacer’s course on Developmental Editing for Academics if you are: An academic who wants to build your revision skills or to give better editorial feedback to colleagues or students. An editor interested in helping academic authors craft their best work. Laura is an excellent, organized, experienced teacher and I’m confident this course will […]

Pale text saying Developmental Editing for Academics over a dark grey background

Developmental Editing for Academics

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Today’s #feedyourwritingfriday: If you want to start the new year with a big hug for your creative writing, try Before You Begin with Heidi Fiedler. You won’t find a more generous, warm-hearted, and honest guide to the challenges of holding onto creative work while also parenting and juggling all the challenges of life. She’s offering […]

The text "before you begin: a writing retreat you can do at home" in white letters over a yellow swatch, which is over typewriter keys.

A hug for your creative writing

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Today’s #feedyourwritingfriday: A 25% off sale on Writing the Other courses, recommended by trusted colleague Tanya Gold.

a medium blue background with white letters saying "on demand webinars" and a white circle with orange background and blue letters saying "writing the other"

25% off at Writing the Other

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I just wrapped up an edit with a first-time author who impressed me with her curiosity about and commitment to the writing process. She used the craft book Dreyer’s English to help her think through grammar, punctuation, and style.  Disclosure: I haven’t read it. But I will now, especially because another writer wholeheartedly seconded the endorsement, saying […]

A pale blue, painted bookshelf. Some books on embroidery and needlepoint are stacked on their side with some writing craft books on top, and more writing and editing books are upright next to them. On top of the bookshelf, the bottom edge of an embroidery piece, two tiny wooden bowls, and several photographs are visible.

May your bookshelf runneth over

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Today’s #feedyourwritingfriday: This newsletter from author Alix E. Harrow (of Ten Thousand Doors of January fame) is marvelous writing in and of itself but also gives delicious food for thought on writing with/from bodies…or not. Read it here.

Cover of Alix E. Harrow's forthcoming story The Six Deaths of the Saints, with a hand and arm in armor visible between torn swaths of bright red.

Alix E. Harrow on bodies

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Today’s #feedyourwritingfriday: If you’re writing a nonfiction book and wondering how to get it traditionally published, start with this fundamentals guide from industry expert and generous knowledge-sharer Jane Friedman. What’s one question you have about the book proposal or publishing process? What’s one insight from this article—or your own experience—that you can share here to […]

The edges of a row of books, with stocked wood shelves of books in the background, implying a bookstore scene.

Book proposal fundamentals