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I know from long experience the skill, effort, time, and emotional labor required to bring a creative idea from possibility to reality. You start with nothing and turn it into something. That’s big! 

But all creators hit the vulnerable point of needing a rigorous yet supportive outside eye to help us turn our something into the very best something it can be. I’d love to be that outside eye for you.

I want you to be really proud of what you put out into the world.

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I'm Hannah de Keijzer

I love the heart of editing: helping you express your ideas clearly in writing you’re proud of. I also love the side perk: learning about a new corner of the world by closely reading your work.

I was that nerdy high school student who owned and regularly referenced an etymological dictionary. As an adult I channel that nerdom by helping writers create stand-out books. I’ve worked for individual authors and artists, publishing companies, arts organizations, and a city government initiative. I’m an active member of the Editorial Freelancers Association. And yes, that dictionary still lives right next to my desk.

I’m also a professional choreographer and dancer. I was co-artistic director of a collaborative dance company for a decade. That means I've got the chops to catalyze your creative vision, steward our working relationship with care, and—when you join me in Feel Good Where You Write or The Partnership—help you consider how your body and workspace can contribute to easeful, energized writing.

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You don't have to do this writing thing alone. A one-on-one catalyst offering for writers who are stuck, over it, running on empty, or pushing to a deadline. 


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