Typos are annoying. They can make your meaning ambiguous or a statement incorrect...even distract readers from the thread of your argument, giving them an excuse to turn their attention elsewhere. Let's make sure that doesn't happen for you!

Keep your readers' attention on your ideas, not your errors.

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Let’s talk about how I can help make your book pristine.

I’ll go over the final version of your work with the finest of fine-toothed combs to ensure that your published piece is immaculate. No more “can” instead of “can’t,” spare slashes where a space should be, missing end quotes, accidentally doubled articles, incorrectly numbered figures, or stray apostrophes. Your work is wonderful, and the presentation should live up to the prose.

Proofreading is most useful after all other rewriting and editing is complete.

Impress a potential agent, publisher, or grant committee—and reduce the chance of later error—with the cleanest version of your query letter, book proposal, manuscript, or application.

Or use me as an outside eye to double check the final proof as the very last step before your book or article goes to print. I'll catch any errors missed by you and your team or accidentally introduced along the way (they're always, always there, the buggers). 

Offered for both nonfiction and fiction.