I work primarily on a broad range of nonfiction books, and also serve as outside eye for academic papers, journal and magazine articles, grant applications, artist statements, and more.

I’m especially interested in working on manuscripts that reshape our understanding of ideas, science, culture, and objects. I also love helping whimsical, unique, or small-run books find their way into the world. Have an unusual project that could use a boost? I’d love to hear what you have in mind!

Services & Rates

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Ready to bring your best work into the world?

My genuine attention and interest;

A commitment to bringing out the best version of your work, and the chops to get it done;

A laser eye for detail;

An experienced collaborator who will take care of our working relationship and of your material; and

A fellow artist who understands what it takes to make something from scratch and see it all the way through to fruition.

In whatever capacity we work together, you will get:

Tessie Prakas
Assistant Professor of English, Scripps College

Hannah made my goals for the project her own, and in doing so she made them seem more attainable and turned reaching them into a true cause for celebration.

The Partnership is a month-long container designed to launch you forward, complete with personal video calls, email conversations, editorial support, and a big dose of care.

I’m your catalyst, here to help you bring your book into the world and reimagine your writing process so it’s robust enough to fit your life right now and flexible enough to sustain you for the long haul.  Learn more here.

A one-on-one catalyst partnership for writers who are stuck, uninspired, completely over it, unsure where to take an idea, tired of grinding through, or frantically pushing to a deadline… 

Get your book or article done in a way that enlivens, rather than drains, you.

The Partnership

Your work is great, and the presentation should live up to the prose. Plus, readers can lose the thread of your argument if they keep tripping over typos. I’ll go over the final version of your work with the finest of fine-toothed combs to ensure that your published piece is immaculate. Learn more here.


Line editing helps your work stand out as uniquely yours. I go through your manuscript line by line, word by word, to help your voice shine brightly and your ideas flow smoothly. Learn more here.

Line Editing

You've been through a revision or two, maybe gotten feedback from a colleague, but you're still not sure the book is optimally organized. Or you're trying to make a splash outside your field and aren't sure if you've got enough there to do it. Or you're feeling confident but know that having professional eyes on your work is going to make it even more powerful. I'll help you develop your ideas fully and convey them clearly to your intended audience. Learn more here.

Developmental/Substantive Editing

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Ready to feel excited about your writing?

The Partnership is $800 for a month of one-on-one catalyst sessions designed to launch your writing forward and reimagine your process so it's flexible enough to fit your life right now and robust enough to sustain you for the long haul. See The Partnership page for all the details on what's included.

The Partnership

I charge a flat project rate for developmental editing projects and charge $45-55/hr for most line editing and proofreading projects. The final rate is primarily based on the type and size of the manuscript, what level of editing you’re looking for, your writing style, and the turnaround time you expect. I aim for efficiency, but I don’t rush. I am careful and thorough and want to give your work the attention it deserves. Hiring me means you give a damn about the quality of your final product. I do. 

To provide an estimate, I’ll need specific details about your project: what kind of help you’re looking for, a word count, the table of contents of the manuscript, your intended audience and publisher, etc. I’ll also need to see the current draft of the work, so we can make sure we're on the same page about what kind of work I can do to best support the manuscript where it is right now. I can return a few pages to you with my edits if you’d like to see how I approach the material before we decide to work together.

I keep all of your information confidential and use it to put together the most accurate estimate possible.