Line Editing

Ready to tighten your manuscript up into a book or article that's beautiful, compelling, and recognizably, delightfully yours?

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When line editing, I go through your manuscript line by line, word by word, to help your voice shine brightly and your ideas flow logically and clearly. I address issues of style continuity, fix awkward phrases and grammatical mistakes, make the details of your text consistent, catch obvious typos, and perhaps shift small pieces of text around for clarity. I'll make changes and leave comments and questions directly in the manuscript.

I know the rules or where to find them, but I also understand the importance of breaking them, so I edit flexibly and judiciously, always in the service of your writing and your voice.

This is essential work after all of the substantive writing and editing is finished. It’s like tightening the joints holding the legs onto the table, sanding out the nicks in the top, and giving the whole thing a new coat of varnish so it gleams.

Offered for nonfiction only.