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A hug for your creative writing

Today’s #feedyourwritingfriday:

If you want to start the new year with a big hug for your creative writing, try Before You Begin with Heidi Fiedler.

You won’t find a more generous, warm-hearted, and honest guide to the challenges of holding onto creative work while also parenting and juggling all the challenges of life.

The text "before you begin: a writing retreat you can do at home" in white letters over a yellow swatch, which is over typewriter keys.

She’s offering Before You Begin live this winter, starting 1/2. It’s like a writing retreat you do at home, with emails, journal prompts, a virtual community of fellow writers for support and encouragement, and Heidi’s hand at the helm.

It’s for any creative writer who needs a circle of calm and quiet to take stock, dream, and explore a softer, more compassionate relationship to their writing.

And participants just might find a little hug from me inside the program, too.

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