I'm here to help you launch your project forward and
build a writing process that sustains you for the long haul of a book and the long haul of a creative life.

And if you're stuck, uninspired, over it, or running on empty?

I help nonfiction authors, academics, and artists like you share the ideas you're passionate about in a way that makes lots of other people get excited about them, too.

I'm Hannah, an editor, proofreader, and writing catalyst.

You've poured so much work into your manuscript, and now you're offering it up for rigorous examination.

Handing it off can be scary. But I'm here to make it something else, too: 

A boost of energy, an enlivening process of collaboration, and a chance for you to get excited about your manuscript all over again. Letting me turn your work around and around in the light means you get to see it shine!

I get it: working with an editor is a vulnerable process.

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Feel Good Where You Write

Leverage your workspace and body as powerful sources of fuel for your creative work. Shed discomfort and distraction so entering your workspace feels like a beautiful invitation and you can slip right into the zone—without adding new burdens to your already busy schedule.

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"I lived in the fantasy that I could ignore my body and my environment if I kept pushing forward to meet a deadline. I’ve only recently realized how this neglect of my body and environment has actually fed into my writing procrastination, writer's block, and sense of alienation in my own space. 
The Feel Good Where You Write session with Hannah was exactly what I needed. 
From the pre-session questionnaire to the post-session action plan, the session was carefully structured without feeling rigid. I'm especially grateful for the very thorough action plan that she wrote for me, since I tend to get really overwhelmed by how much I have to do. 
I have already gifted a session to a fellow writer and academic. Such a valuable investment in my professional and personal wellbeing!"
           -Michelle Decker, writer and academic

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I'm Hannah, here to help.

I’m a freelance editor, proofreader, and writing catalyst. I’m also an artist, so I know the skill, effort, time, and emotional labor it takes to bring a creative idea from possibility to reality. 

We all hit the vulnerable point of needing an outside eye to help us make our work the very best it can be. I’d love to be that outside eye for you.

When you work with me, you will always get:

Ready to bring your best book into the world?

My genuine attention and interest;

A commitment to bringing out the best version of your work, and the chops to get it done;

A laser eye for detail;

An experienced collaborator who will take care of our working relationship and of your material; and

A fellow artist who understands what it takes to make something from scratch and see it all the way through to fruition.

I've had a hand in books published by:

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