Developmental Editing

This is the juicy stuff! In this work, I help you develop your ideas fully and convey them as clearly as possible.

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Let’s make your ideas clear to a captivated audience.

The ideal process for a complete developmental edit is usually iterative and collaborative; it may take multiple rounds of editing and communication to bring your material to its best possible form. You can hire me for a single pass (with lots of next-step notes included in that revision letter) or for this generative back and forth.

Offered for nonfiction only.

Help make sure you’re communicating what you really mean to say;

Align your text with the needs and expectations of your intended audience, including catching where the assumptions you make—you know your stuff inside and out, after all—might make your reader get lost and give up;

Give careful feedback on how your ideas and language flow through the book as a whole and through each chapter;

Strengthen your arguments through proposed changes to the book's structure;

Cheer you on for what's special in and successful about your draft;

Identify any holes that are tripping up your work.

In a developmental edit (sometimes know as a substantive edit), you’ll get both a revision letter and some edits and comments on the manuscript itself. Depending on your project and how much editing you’re looking for, I can: