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May your bookshelf runneth over

I just wrapped up an edit with a first-time author who impressed me with her curiosity about and commitment to the writing process. She used the craft book Dreyer’s English to help her think through grammar, punctuation, and style. 

Disclosure: I haven’t read it. But I will now, especially because another writer wholeheartedly seconded the endorsement, saying it has “so many great notes on writing in general on top of specific language queries, and [is] somehow fun to read.”

Inspired by their interest and enthusiasm, I polled my writer and editor communities for their favorite books about the craft of writing nonfiction and nourishing the creative process.  

You’ll find several of my favorites below, as well as recs from Author Accelerator Founder Jennie Nash, Brain/Story Coach Jocelyn Brady, agent and author Eric Smith, Director of Applied Storytelling at First Person Arts Neil Bardhan, and a handful of other generous writers and editors. I haven’t read them all, but I will, over time.

Sometimes you can’t stand to listen to any more advice, or need to tune other ideas out so you can focus on your own. I feel you. Do what you need.

But when you’re ready for some new input, nourishment, or information, I hope you find something wonderful here to inspire, encourage, or support you.
 To learn more about a book, just click its cover.

Add these titles to your bookshelf. Ask for them as gifts. May your bookshelf runneth over.

What craft or creativity books do you love, and why? I’ll add them to my next list.

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