Shed discomfort and distraction so entering your workspace feels like a beautiful invitation and you can slip right into the zone—without wasting precious writing, editing, or thinking time.

Harness the potential energy of your workspace and body habits as fuel for powerful creative flow.

Feel Good Where You Work

Kristen Tippit
Co-founder & Brand Journalist at BRANDEST

Hannah is incredible at what she does and one of the most present and deep listeners I have ever met.

When I worked with her, I felt supported, cared for, and pushed (in a good way!) to make my space (mind and physical) the best it could be, so that I could really focus and feel energized and alive.

Seriously, WORK WITH HER!

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Good news: with a dose of caring attention, a fresh set of eyes, and a few thoughtful tweaks, we can open the doors to some seriously satisfying and comfortable concentration and creativity.

Habitually reluctant to sit down to work

Hit in the face with a sense of dread when you open your office door (or enter your office corner/closet/edge of the dining room table)

Procrasti-tidying your desk...every single avoid the work itself

Feeling lethargic, uncomfortable, or unfocused during writing or editing sessions

Plagued by the nagging feeling you could be writing or doing more

Unable to shut out distractions like chores or your partner yakking on their own Zoom call in the next room

Curled up like a shrimp when you do settle into a flow

Beyond acknowledging clutter, do you think about your workspace’s impact on how productive, focused, and creative you are? Did you know that discomfort and pain take up a huge part of your brain’s energy? 

That’s all too easy to forget in the mess and busyness of everyday life, especially when we work from home. 

If you're:

Our physical environment and our bodies are essential parts of our creative work—even for writers, editors, consultants, and coaches.

I lived in the fantasy that I could ignore my body and my environment if I kept pushing forward to meet a deadline. I’ve only recently realized how this neglect of my body and environment has actually fed into my writing procrastination, writer's block, and sense of alienation in my own space. 
The Feel Good Where You Work session with Hannah was exactly what I needed. Hannah is a tremendous collaborator: she asked questions that guided me to devise the solutions that I needed for myself, rather than prescribing or mandating what I ought to do. 
From the pre-session questionnaire to the post-session action plan, the session was carefully structured without feeling rigid. During the session itself, I showed her my writing spaces, talked about how my body feels when I write, and brainstormed possible scaffolded plans to get to the goals we identified. 
I'm especially grateful for the very thorough action plan that she wrote for me, since I tend to get really overwhelmed by how much I have to do. 
I have already gifted a session to a fellow writer and academic. Such a valuable investment in my professional and personal wellbeing!

Michelle Decker
writer and academic

Fresh insight into your creative habits that’ll show you how to optimize your space for focus and make it feel inviting—because writing doesn’t have to feel like a punishment or grind!

Ways to guide your body into writing sessions so you can hit the keyboard typing right away. I’m not big on the woo-woo, but I do like oxygen to reach your brain.

Stretches and/or movement practices specifically for you and your busy life, getting pain or discomfort out of your way so your brain is free to be its most awesome self. Practical, easy stuff, even for people who like to ignore their body…or are maybe a little afraid of it sometimes. If you have time to check Twitter, you have time for this, I promise.

A document with prioritized action steps so you know just what to do next without getting overwhelmed, plus the essential takeaways of our conversation and personalized strategies you can return to every time you need a body or space pick-me-up.

SUSTAIN tier extras to help you transform intention into action: If you invest in yourself at the SUSTAIN level, you'll get access to my brain via email for one month after our session (9am-3pm ET Mon-Fri), so you can ask more questions, get feedback on changes you’re making, and have an active cheerleader on your team. You'll also get one mini follow-up session to uncover the next, deeper level of support.

You'll come away from our session with:

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Set every part of yourself up for success.

Get ideas on the page or edits in the doc with more focus, ease, energy, and comfort.

How it works:

Why I can help:

You choose your session tier, then pay for and book a session here.

I’ll email you a pre-session questionnaire that will start turning your attention to your body and space and give me essential groundwork. Your answers let us hit the ground running at our session and get the most out of our time together, so please fill it out thoughtfully!

Together on Zoom, we’ll look at your space and talk about your physical, intellectual, and creative habits. I’ll help you see your space with fresh eyes and suggest tweaks to bring fresh energy, pleasure, and focus—because sitting down to write or work doesn’t have to feel like a chore. 

As needed, I’ll offer suggestions on stretches and exercises that might help your particular body, so discomfort and pain don’t take up valuable brain power that could be going to your ideas, instead. 

After the session, you’ll get:

Hi, I’m Hannah. As a nonfiction editor and writing coach, I help folks turn bold ideas into compelling books and build sustainable, enlivening creative practices. Yes, I’m totally a word nerd.

I’m also a body nerd: I’ve been a professional dancer, choreographer, and dance teacher, as well as a nationally Board-Certified massage therapist. There are few things I love more than watching someone light up in understanding from a new connection to their body. 

I’ve seen in my massage clients and my writing clients—and I know from personal experience!—how much pain derails the brain. 

I’ve also seen how much relief is available, and the amazing way that tending to the body and to how you interact with your space turbocharges creative work. 

Feel Good Where You Write KICK-START: $200 (or 2x $110)
Feel Good Where You Write SUSTAIN: $350 (or 2x $185)

Questions? Drop me a line. I'd love to chat.

A personal, prioritized action plan so you know what to do next without getting overwhelmed, plus the essential takeaways of our conversation and strategies you can return to every time you need a body or space pick-me-up.

A recording of our session (taken only with your permission) so you can look back at those movement suggestions any time you need a reminder. 

The SUSTAIN tier, designed to help you keep the new habits alive and ensure this isn't just one more piece of knowledge you never do anything with, also includes:

Access to my brain via email for one month after our session (9am-3pm ET Mon-Fri), so you can ask more questions, get feedback on changes you’re making, and have an active cheerleader on your team.

One 30-minute follow-up session at the end of that month to take stock, address lingering questions, hint at next steps, and celebrate the shifts already underway. 

A Feel Good Where You Work session with Hannah is a must for anyone looking to get the most out of their workspace. 
Like many people, I work from home and am making the most of the space I have. Hannah asks the perfect questions to have you reflecting on why your environment is how it is and how it makes your body and mind feel. She helped me rethink my schedule and ways to take breaks and bring more energy into my day.

Since our session, I've made simple but transformational adjustments to my habits and space. I can't recommend Hannah's Feel Good Where You Write session enough!