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Flash offer for nonfiction writers of all stripes

Begin this winter, get tools and strategies that last for the long haul of your writing life.

Orange lightning bolt and navy text saying "flash offer." More navy text saying free 30-minute coaching add-on, offer expires 12/11 at midnight ET.

You’re a nonfiction writer in the middle of a project, but you’re stuck. Uninspired. Overwhelmed.

  • You’ve fallen out of love with your idea and now can’t bring yourself to work on it.
  • You have no idea what to tackle next, or what direction to take it in.
  • The end of the semester and holiday time is way too crazy to get anything of your own done.
  • Your perfectionism and your imposter syndrome are waging a constant battle in your brain.
  • You just don’t want to keep slogging away alone anymore.
  • The kids keep coming home from school sick and there’s no time to write.
  • Nobody’s going to want to read my stuff, anyway.

It nibbles away at you, deeper and deeper, a toxic combo of professional pressure and personal disappointment and self doubt and feeling disconnected from yourself. A slow, costly alienation from your professional goals and your own capability.

And the longer the project languishes, the harder it is to pick back up, right?

So let’s pick it back up right now—together.

In The Partnership, my one-on-one coaching package for nonfiction writers, you’ll launch your current project forward, get words on the page with more ease and pleasure, and reimagine your writing process (as needed) so it’s robust enough to fit your busy life right now *and* flexible enough to sustain you for the long haul. 

It’s 100% customized to you and your current needs and goals. 

An investment that lasts way longer than most new year’s resolutions.

I’m your get-out-of-the-hole support team, your catalyst, your momentum generator. I come with all the tools you need to get this stalled project—and your self-confidence—purring once again: 

  • resources and expertise to help you create a practical, feasible roadmap for what’s next—one that fits your brain and life, whether you have lots of writing time or only snatched opportunities
  • fresh energy and perspective to discover what to shed and what to take forward
  • an editorial eye to unsnarl tangled ideas and sentences that might be holding you back
  • skills to tweak your body habits and workspace so they nourish, rather than drain, you
  • deep listening, honed over decades as a creative collaborator, to help you discover and draw out the beating heart of your work
  • genuine care and presence, so you’re finally doing this—and you finally feel you’re not doing it alone

The Partnership always includes four video sessions, email conversations, and editorial support. All so you can trust yourself to persevere, feel connected to and excited about your work, and feel like you can see—and have a plan to reach—the finish line of your book or article.

The first step is a discovery call, to make sure we’re a great fit.

If you book your discovery call by Sunday, Dec 11 at midnight ET 

and schedule it for any time in December…

You’ll get an extra 30-minute session for free!

Book here.

“Hannah is THE person you can trust with your baby. Vulnerable. Messy. Weird. Whatever. She is there for it and knows exactly how to help make sense of it and keep you moving forward. Go work with her right now!” Thank you, Heidi Fiedler!

“It’s like all the best parts of being in a writing workshop, without MFA guy.” -Daniel P.

Questions? Just send me an email.

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