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For #feedyourwritingfriday, a suggestion from Lydia Davis to build quiet time onto the end of your writing session so your brain can continue to noodle with your ideas and you’ll be available to catch anything comes forth. Note that for her, this time isn’t a do-nothing time—it could overlap with doing dishes or laundry or taking […]

Leave a pocket of time after writing

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Today’s feedyourwritingfriday: Consider Laura Portwood-Stacer’s course on Developmental Editing for Academics if you are: An academic who wants to build your revision skills or to give better editorial feedback to colleagues or students. An editor interested in helping academic authors craft their best work. Laura is an excellent, organized, experienced teacher and I’m confident this course will […]

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Developmental Editing for Academics

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Today’s #feedyourwritingfriday: If you want to start the new year with a big hug for your creative writing, try Before You Begin with Heidi Fiedler. You won’t find a more generous, warm-hearted, and honest guide to the challenges of holding onto creative work while also parenting and juggling all the challenges of life. She’s offering […]

The text "before you begin: a writing retreat you can do at home" in white letters over a yellow swatch, which is over typewriter keys.

A hug for your creative writing

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Today’s #feedyourwritingfriday: A 25% off sale on Writing the Other courses, recommended by trusted colleague Tanya Gold.

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25% off at Writing the Other

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This #feedyourwritingfriday, I’m saluting writers and other creative thinkers for the bravery and effort inherent in making creative work an ordinary thing, a part of home. “People are wrong when they talk about how you need to be brave to get out of your comfort zone, travel, and see things. The travel and perspective–the escapism, […]

A mother kissing a baby's head while holding a mug in her right hand and sitting at a table with a laptop on it.

Making creative work an ordinary thing

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“I want authors to have a good time writing their book; I want authors to be compensated fairly; I want authors to enjoy bringing their books to market; I want authors to sell lots of copies.” A happy, gusty breath of relief escaped me when I read this. Community! Humanity! Pleasure! Collaboration! It’s all in […]

A dark red hammock suspended between two trees, overlooking a flat stretch of desert and a mountain in the distance. Photo by Leonie Fahjen via Pexels.

A dose of humanity in publishing