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Today’s #feedyourwritingfriday: If you want to start the new year with a big hug for your creative writing, try Before You Begin with Heidi Fiedler. You won’t find a more generous, warm-hearted, and honest guide to the challenges of holding onto creative work while also parenting and juggling all the challenges of life. She’s offering […]

The text "before you begin: a writing retreat you can do at home" in white letters over a yellow swatch, which is over typewriter keys.

A hug for your creative writing

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You came. You wrote. You…stalled out. There was too much going on. You fell out of love with your idea and now can’t bring yourself to work on it. The project is too big—it’s overwhelming. You have no idea what to tackle next, or what direction to take it in. The end of the semester […]

A white woman with curly brown hair in a bun and hazel eyes holds a sign in front the bottom half of her face saying "I trust you, your ideas, and your writing."

What having a partner can enable

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I had a great time today talking to amazing book coach Vicky Quinn Fraser about Feel Good Where You Write coaching, how bringing beauty into your workspace boosts your focus, addressing our shrimp-posture at our desks, and her amazing Microbook Magic course. Take a peep!

Secret focus fuel

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How do you feel about your writing—and how does writing make you feel—when it’s going well? For me, it feels like a delicious gathering of power, an accumulation of kinetic energy. A little like this, or this: Conversely, why and when does your writing stutter out? What does it feel like? What have you done […]

Time-elapse photograph of a ferris wheel at night, showing arcs of white, yellow, orange, and red light against a dark sky. Photo by Engin Akyurt via Pexels.

How does writing make you feel?

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I’m considering creating an accountability system or community of my own, but am well aware that I’m launching into an ecosystem; I’d be adding my own special flavor without trying to reinvent the wheel. Writing groups of all stripes abound. Accountability seems to be in the air these days; lots of folks are talking, writing, and […]

Woman of Asian descent in a navy tank top with long brown hair looking to her right, wearing earbuds, and holding a pencil upright in her right hand. Photo by Zen Chung via Pexels.

Accountability ideas