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Pre-pandemic, my partner and I loved to host. He’s an academic; most of our friends at the time were, too. Every semester I’d watch their gripe-o-meters and stress-o-meters nudge higher and higher until, by grading time, my friends were little more than exhausted, groaning husks of themselves. So we applied our love of hosting to […]

A light-skinned woman with short, grey hair, black-framed glasses, and a yellow sleeveless tank dress is reading a book in a brown leather hanging chair that has the feel of a hammock. She holds the end of a bookmark to her lips.

How to do all your writing in a hammock

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Begin this winter, get tools and strategies that last for the long haul of your writing life. You’re a nonfiction writer in the middle of a project, but you’re stuck. Uninspired. Overwhelmed. It nibbles away at you, deeper and deeper, a toxic combo of professional pressure and personal disappointment and self doubt and feeling disconnected […]

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Flash offer for nonfiction writers of all stripes

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You came. You wrote. You…stalled out. There was too much going on. You fell out of love with your idea and now can’t bring yourself to work on it. The project is too big—it’s overwhelming. You have no idea what to tackle next, or what direction to take it in. The end of the semester […]

A white woman with curly brown hair in a bun and hazel eyes holds a sign in front the bottom half of her face saying "I trust you, your ideas, and your writing."

What having a partner can enable

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I had a great time today talking to amazing book coach Vicky Quinn Fraser about Feel Good Where You Write coaching, how bringing beauty into your workspace boosts your focus, addressing our shrimp-posture at our desks, and her amazing Microbook Magic course. Take a peep!

Secret focus fuel

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Are you a perfectionist when it comes to your writing? Maybe you don’t move to the next paragraph until this one is just right, meaning you barely get words on the page every day. Maybe you endlessly revisit the wording of a particular idea until you aren’t sure what’s good anymore. Maybe you don’t write […]

Smiling man with dark hair and beard holding a notebook on his lap and a blue pen in his left hand.

4 Tricks for Letting Go of Perfectionism

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You finished the first full draft of your manuscript and now you…just…can’t imagine ever getting out of this chair. “It’s like deflating—like an old party balloon that’s gone kinda floopy,” says writer and book coach Vicky Quinn Fraser.  You worked so hard for so long to get your book done and now it’s out in the world and you’re…kind of […]

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On feeling deflated when the writing is done

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How do you feel about your writing—and how does writing make you feel—when it’s going well? For me, it feels like a delicious gathering of power, an accumulation of kinetic energy. A little like this, or this: Conversely, why and when does your writing stutter out? What does it feel like? What have you done […]

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How does writing make you feel?

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You have only twenty minutes of writing time today but spend the first five remembering what you did yesterday. You’re overwhelmed and paralyzed when your hands hit the keyboard. You lose the thread of ideas from day to day, feeling momentum leaching out of the process like air out of a tire.  You poke around […]

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Building bridges isn’t just for engineers

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I’m considering creating an accountability system or community of my own, but am well aware that I’m launching into an ecosystem; I’d be adding my own special flavor without trying to reinvent the wheel. Writing groups of all stripes abound. Accountability seems to be in the air these days; lots of folks are talking, writing, and […]

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Accountability ideas