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I coach writers who are stuck. Yesterday, the writer I coached was…me. As you may remember from my post about it back in December, I’m writing my first book. It’s a short, friendly guide for nonfiction authors on what editors do, how to find a good one, and how to get the most out of […]

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On writing where you feel like you

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For #feedyourwritingfriday, a suggestion from Lydia Davis to build quiet time onto the end of your writing session so your brain can continue to noodle with your ideas and you’ll be available to catch anything comes forth. Note that for her, this time isn’t a do-nothing time—it could overlap with doing dishes or laundry or taking […]

Leave a pocket of time after writing

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Are you a perfectionist when it comes to your writing? Maybe you don’t move to the next paragraph until this one is just right, meaning you barely get words on the page every day. Maybe you endlessly revisit the wording of a particular idea until you aren’t sure what’s good anymore. Maybe you don’t write […]

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4 Tricks for Letting Go of Perfectionism

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You finished the first full draft of your manuscript and now you…just…can’t imagine ever getting out of this chair. “It’s like deflating—like an old party balloon that’s gone kinda floopy,” says writer and book coach Vicky Quinn Fraser.  You worked so hard for so long to get your book done and now it’s out in the world and you’re…kind of […]

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On feeling deflated when the writing is done

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You have only twenty minutes of writing time today but spend the first five remembering what you did yesterday. You’re overwhelmed and paralyzed when your hands hit the keyboard. You lose the thread of ideas from day to day, feeling momentum leaching out of the process like air out of a tire.  You poke around […]

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Building bridges isn’t just for engineers