Services & Rates

I work primarily on nonfiction books, but also serve as outside eye for academic papers, journal and magazine articles, grant applications, artist statements, and more. Got an unusual project that could use a boost? I’d love to hear what you have in mind.

Developmental/Substantive Editing

This is the juicy stuff! In this work, I help you develop your ideas fully and convey them as clearly as possible. You’ll get both a revision letter and edits on the manuscript itself. Depending on your project and how much editing you’re looking for, I can:

  • Make sure you’re communicating what you really mean to say;
  • Give careful feedback on how your ideas and language flow through the book as a whole, as well as through each chapter and paragraph;
  • Identify any holes that are tripping up your work;
  • Help your voice shine brightly and consistently;
  • Align your text with the needs and expectations of your intended audience; and
  • Make some grammar and typo fixes. (Note that new typos inevitably spring up in every phase of rewriting, so full proofreading services are offered separately. See below.)

The ideal process for a complete developmental edit is usually iterative and collaborative; it may take multiple rounds of editing and communication to bring your material to its best possible form. You can hire me for a single pass (with lots of next-step notes included in that revision letter) or for this generative back and forth.

Offered for nonfiction only.


When copyediting I address issues of style continuity, fix awkward phrases and grammatical mistakes, catch obvious typos, and perhaps shift small pieces of text around for clarity.

This is essential detail work after all of the substantive writing and editing is finished. It’s like sanding out the nicks in your tabletop and giving the whole thing a new coat of varnish so it gleams.

Offered for nonfiction only.


Even if the book I’m reading is really engaging, when my eyes and mind snag on a typo I’m immediately booted out of the flow of writing and distracted from the content. It’s annoying every time. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen to your readers! 

I’ll go over the final version of your work with the finest of fine-toothed combs to ensure that your published piece is immaculate. No more “cat” instead of “can’t”, spare slashes where a space should be, missing end quotes, accidentally doubled articles, incorrectly numbered figures, or stray apostrophes. 

As noted above, proofreading is most useful after all other rewriting and editing is complete. Impress a potential agent or publisher with the cleanest version of your query letter, book proposal, or manuscript. Have an outside eye double check the final proof as the very last step before your book or article goes to print, just in case any errors have been accidentally introduced (I’ve seen it happen). 

Offered for both nonfiction and fiction.


In whatever capacity we work together, you will get:

  • My real attention and interest;
  • A commitment to bringing out the best version of your work, and the chops to get it done;
  • A laser eye for detail;
  • An experienced collaborator who will take care of our working relationship and of your material; and
  • A fellow artist who understands what it takes to make something from scratch and see it all the way through to fruition. 


I charge a flat project rate for most developmental editing projects and usually charge $35-45/hr for most copyediting and proofreading projects. The final rate is primarily based on the type and size of the manuscript, what level of editing you’re looking for, your writing style, and the turnaround time you expect. I aim for efficiency, but I don’t rush. I am careful and thorough and want to give your work the attention it deserves. Hiring me means you give a damn about the quality of your final product. I do. 

If you’d like an initial estimate, I’ll need specific details about your project: what kind of help you’re looking for, a word count, the table of contents of the manuscript, your intended audience and publisher, etc. I’ll also need a representative sample (five to ten pages total, perhaps from disparate sections if they differ in style or in completeness) or a complete draft, depending on the project. I can return a few pages to you with my edits if you’d like to see how I approach the material before we decide to work together.

I keep all of your information confidential and use it to put together the most accurate estimate possible. While I do my very best to hit the number we discuss in advance and will always communicate about changes that might affect that number, editing is amorphous work and I can’t know ahead of time exactly how long it will take to do justice to your manuscript.


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