I’m Hannah, an editor proud to help nonfiction authors, nerds, academics, and artists like you.

Turn your compelling idea into a clean, clear, and captivating book.

Build a writing process to sustain you for the long haul of a book and the long haul of a creative life.

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Yes, editing is a rigorous and vulnerable process. You share the thing you made with someone else whose job it is to examine it, turn it around and around in the light, and help you make it shine.

Handing it off can be scary. 

But I’m here to make it something else, too:

A boost of energy, an enlivening process of collaboration, and a chance for you to get excited about your manuscript all over again.

I’m the outside eye who ensures that your vision and voice coalesce into a well-crafted whole, and that all the details of your work support that whole. I offer:

Developmental or substantive editing. Worried nobody besides your colleague is going to get it, or care? Missing background your reader needs? I burrow into the bones of your draft, reorganizing structure and reworking content, to help you hook and hold your intended readers. Learn more here.

Line editing. Worried your book won’t stand out as yours? After the structural work is done, I comb through your manuscript line by line, word by word, to make your voice strong and ideas clear. I check for style continuity, address the phrases that stick out like a basketball player in an elementary school, and make sure all the details are consistent. Let’s make this text flow and shine! Learn more here.

Proofreading. Typos bother me. A footnote refers to Rule 112(6) but should refer to Rule 112(b)? I’m on it. Learn more here.

The Partnership. Whether your goal is maintaining a regular writing practice, unsnarling an idea or a chapter, feeling inspired again, or submitting 50k words by next month, you don’t have to do it alone. This is a one-on-one catalyst offering. I’ll help you generate momentum, stay on track, and see your ideas and your writing with fresh eyes. Take advantage of my editorial and collaborative expertise in a powerful, supportive partnership that launches your writing forward and reimagines your writing process to support you for the long haul. Learn more here.

You are an expert listener…the questions you asked during our initial meeting clarified my writing process and my support needs so well. I was more invested in being kept accountable to my writing commitments because of the processing space you created with me.

-Amanda Apgar, Assistant Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies, Loyola Marymount University

When you work with me, you will always get:

  • My real attention and interest;
  • A commitment to bringing out the best version of your work, and the chops to get it done;
  • A laser eye for detail;
  • An experienced collaborator who will take care of our working relationship and of your material; and
  • A fellow artist who understands what it takes to make something from scratch and see it all the way through to fruition.
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