I am closing my practice on June 30, 2017 to pursue new adventures.

 Therapeutic massage can help you:

  • Unstick the stuck, painful places
    that arise from too much time with your computer or car
  • Release the aches that are in your way
    whether they're in your feet, head, shoulders, wrists, or back
  • Cultivate easeful movement
    and reduce the chance of injury in yoga, dance, or sports
  • Energize yourself for daily life
    by releasing stress and maintaining a regular, quiet time to center yourself in your body
  • Enjoy support
    as you work towards wellness, so you don't feel like you're struggling or alone

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Hi, I'm Hannah. I'm a Board Certified massage therapist, a dancer, and an anatomy geek. I use therapeutic massage to help people regain a mobile, unburdened body that can support them in whatever they want to do. Read more about me and my work here.

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"I had a great massage with Hannah. She spent time talking with me beforehand to learn more about the headaches I was experiencing and then she worked slowly and methodically to release tension I didn't even know that I was holding. By the end of the massage I was in a blissful half asleep/half awake state. And best of all - it's almost a week later and my headaches are still improved." - Rachel K.

What I charge

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How other people feel after getting a massage

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Free Phone Consultation

If you are wondering whether massage could help you, what it's like to receive bodywork, or whether my style is right for you—or have any other questions about the role of massage in proactive care and a healthy life—I'd love to talk to you!
Call me at 909-480-8171, or click here to schedule a time for me to call you.