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I just wrapped up an edit with a first-time author who impressed me with her curiosity about and commitment to the writing process. She used the craft book Dreyer’s English to help her think through grammar, punctuation, and style.  Disclosure: I haven’t read it. But I will now, especially because another writer wholeheartedly seconded the endorsement, saying […]

A pale blue, painted bookshelf. Some books on embroidery and needlepoint are stacked on their side with some writing craft books on top, and more writing and editing books are upright next to them. On top of the bookshelf, the bottom edge of an embroidery piece, two tiny wooden bowls, and several photographs are visible.

May your bookshelf runneth over

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This #feedyourwritingfriday, I’m saluting writers and other creative thinkers for the bravery and effort inherent in making creative work an ordinary thing, a part of home. “People are wrong when they talk about how you need to be brave to get out of your comfort zone, travel, and see things. The travel and perspective–the escapism, […]

A mother kissing a baby's head while holding a mug in her right hand and sitting at a table with a laptop on it.

Making creative work an ordinary thing

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An Immense World: How Animal Senses Reveal the World Around Us by Ed Yong Long-time readers will know I’m an absolute fangirl of science writer Ed Yong, Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist for The Atlantic, who writes about the world with curiosity, humor, admiration, and joy. His new book is laden with facts facts and more facts, […]

Selfie of author Ed Yong looking at the cover of his book An Immense World, which features a blue butterfly and a primate's face over a green background.

Damn, that’s good: An Immense World