Here's what people are saying about my bodywork.

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"I couldn't be a bigger fan of Hannah's work. She provides a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere, addressing the needs and concerns of her clients with professionalism and skill. I have to say that after sessions with Hannah, I felt not only physically better, but mentally as well. Along with providing immediate care, she also provides stretches and exercises to continue the work beyond the session. I look forward to my time with her." - Jared D.
"My massage was great. Good communication is the key and Hannah asks great questions and clearly and politely explains everything needed." - James Jackson
"Thank you so much. You changed my day." - Kate

"I came to Hannah with some urgency - I had sustained an injury the day before during a performance, and had 6 days till the next show to regain use of my neck and back. I was in enough pain that it was challenging to walk and function normally, and I was quite worried that I wouldn't have use of my body the way I needed the following week. I have no doubt that the several sessions Hannah made time for (with almost no notice) made the difference for me that week. Her careful and confident work released layers of pain and tension each time, as well as lowering the anxiety about it I had built up. I appreciated her interest in real healing, and the advice I got before and after the sessions. I was able to fully participate in my show, and have made a full recovery, and I credit the majority share of that process to Hannah." - B.C.
"On Thursday, I couldn't walk from excruciating hip pain. Friday morning, Hannah gave me an hour-long massage and told me to ice and rest it. Saturday, I could walk without limping. A million thank-yous to her, her healing hands, her intuitive sense of what I needed, and her affordable prices." - Annie Wilson
"Hannah is extremely professional and very responsive to needs. She has a very nuanced, intuitive, and specific understanding of the body. Often, she'll go exactly to the spot I feel needs attention and work before I even point it out. Upon completing a session with Hannah, I have felt (or my muscles have felt) a distinct openness and release that is unlike what I feel after doing yoga or stretching." - Jenna Horton
"Thanks for the massage yesterday, you really do have magic hands." - Ruth
"Hannah's gentle manner and knowing hands thoroughly transformed me. She listened carefully and responded professionally to the particulars of my body. With confidence I include her massage among my reliable ways of self care." - Qian Li