Partnerships for a Powerful Writing Process. Bright orange background with the edge of a teal spiral-bound notebook and two grey pencils on the left side.

Partnerships for a Powerful Writing Process

Energy in Your Inbox and Editor in Your Ear:
Partnerships for a Powerful Writing Process

Whether your goal is maintaining a regular writing practice or submitting 50k words by next month, you don’t have to do it alone.

This partnership is for you—writer, academic, or artist—if you are:

  • Craving regularity and structure in your writing process but having trouble making that for yourself
  • Getting frazzled—or just needing someone to feed you energy bars and cheer you on—in the last push toward your project’s finish line
  • Wishing you were less alone while you wrote
  • Feeling lethargic, stuck, or uninspired
  • Unsure how to shape the connective tissue of your book or writing project
  • Yearning to enjoy the writing process
  • Struggling to be productive in the face of distractions and demands on your time

I’ll help you generate momentum, stay on track, and see your ideas and your writing with fresh eyes. Take advantage of my editorial and collaborative expertise in a powerful, supportive partnership that energizes your writing process.

Step 1: Lay the Groundwork

We’ll have an opening conversation on phone or video. I’ll ask questions about your work and your process to help me understand the best ways to support you. This conversation should also help you gain confidence and clarity about your approach and understand your own writing process a little better. On the basis of this conversation, you can decide which of the partnership options below will suit you best.

Everything we discuss as part of this partnership is completely confidential.

Step 2: Shape the Support

Option 1: Energy in Your Inbox. Background is bright yellow, with the tips of two pencils coming in diagonally from the bottom right corner.

Friendly waves. Productivity-boosting surprises. Rigorous reminders. Encouragement. Stern talking-tos. I’ll email you as often as you choose with the tone and content that best support you making steady, satisfying progress toward your writing goal.

Energy in Your Inbox: $75 per two weeks. Offered for writers of all stripes.

Option 2: Editor in Your Ear. Background is bright orange, with the edge of a teal spiral-bound notebook and the tips of two silver pencils on the left side.

The family dog is a great listener when you’re working through thorny writing questions, but wouldn’t it feel good to have a human partner actively helping you energize the creative process and strengthen your writing? Editor in Your Ear conversations give you that regular catalyst.

In a weekly 30- to 45-minute call or video chat, we’ll talk about what you’re excited about or troubled by in your work, brainstorm possible approaches to help you tackle where you’re stuck, and address burning structural or editorial questions. I’ll listen carefully as you talk about your ideas, asking questions and offering reflections that can help you clarify what you’re really trying to say. You can send me up to five manuscript pages ahead of time if you want to talk over something concrete.

This is not something you have to present or prepare for. I’m not judging your work. It’s just you, spitting out the ideas and the snarls and the random words, and me, helping you find the keys to moving forward.

After every conversation, I’ll send you an email summarizing the essentials and, if relevant, offering one or two “do this next!” suggestions based on what we talked about.

Editor in Your Ear: $175 per two weeks, $325 per four weeks. Offered primarily for writers working in any nonfiction form, though I’m delightedly open to working with fiction writers, too.

Option 3: The Whole Shebang! Background fades from bright orange on the left to bright yellow on the right. The edge of a teal spiral-bound notebook and two pencils are visible on the left, and two pencils tips are on the right.

Energy in Your Inbox + Editor in Your Ear: get the powerful collaborative boost of in-depth weekly conversations plus the more frequent emails that help you stay on track and invigorated.

The Whole Shebang: $250 per two weeks, $450 per four weeks. Offered primarily for writers working in any nonfiction form, though I’m delightedly open to working with fiction writers, too.

Step 3: Get it Done

Now you have a partner. I’m in your court, at your side, behind you all the way—however you want to phrase it, I’m here for accountability and energy, generating momentum on your behalf. Happy writing!