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Hannah de Keijzer, Editor and Proofreader. Helping nonfiction authors and artists share bold ideas in writing they're proud of.
Hi, I'm Hannah.

I help nonfiction authors and artists share bold ideas in writing they're proud of. I specialize in developmental editing and proofreading, producing standout manuscripts that are clean, clear, and compelling. A long history of creative collaboration and over ten years of editing experience let me guide books into their best possible form: engaging and satisfying for both writer and reader. 

I’m especially interested in books that shift our perspective on ideas, science, culture, and the history of objects. I love helping whimsical, unique, or small-run books find their way into the world. If you have an unusual project that could use a boost, send it my way!

PS: My last name is pronounced deh-KAI-zer. It's easier than it looks!
Manuscript Services: Developmental editing, line editing, copyediting, proofreading, and guiding unusual and small-run book projects to fruition. Things I'm really good at. Capturing and clarifying the essence of what someone's trying to say. Catalyzing someone else's creative vision. Attending to the macro and micro simultaneously. Making complex language accessible and clear. Satisfying my stickler's need for consistency and flawless presentation. Guiding a collaborative process with rigor and care.
I’ve worked for over ten years as a freelance developmental editor, copyeditor, and proofreader. In that time, I’ve honed everything from trade nonfiction to academic papers to artist statements to law textbooks.

While I work primarily with individuals, I’ve also been an intern and project editor for David R. Godine, Publisher and a freelance developmental editor for one of Philadelphia’s largest arts organizations.

I’m also a professional artist, so I understand from personal experience the struggles and pleasures of bringing a creative project into the world. I edit because I know how essential an outside eye is to that process. And I proofread because I know how important it is to have the culmination of all your hard work be the very best it can be, in presentation as well as in prose.

But I also do this because I’m a nerd who likes beautiful things. Diving into ideas, playing with words, chasing just the right phrasing to help your voice shine, catching the sneakiest typos, making a manuscript pristine.... I enjoy what I do!
"She has a terrific eye for detail, great organizational skill, deep insight, and excellent judgment." Aviva Orenstein, author of Acing Evidence and Fat Chance. 

"Hannah brings clarity and a breath of creative fresh air to any editorial project." Daniel Burstein, editor of the New York Times-bestselling Secrets of the Code.

"What a professional, careful, and thoughtful editor! The books and my writing are taken to the next level 
because of her skill and dedication."
Shubha Ghosh, co-author of Exhausting Intellectual Property Rights.
Yes, editing is a rigorous, vulnerable process. But I’m here to make it something else, too: a boost of energy, an enlivening process of collaboration, and a chance for you to get excited about your ideas and your manuscript all over again.
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