Copyediting & Proofreading Resume

Hannah de Keijzer

Copyediting and Proofreading Resume

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About Me

Independent editor and proofreader making manuscripts clear, clean, and beautiful since 2004.

I’m committed to understanding an author’s voice and vision and to bringing out the best version of their work.

Things I’m Really Good At

  • Capturing and clarifying the essence of what someone’s trying to say.
  • Attending to the macro and micro simultaneously.
  • Making field-specialized writing accessible and clear.
  • Satisfying my stickler’s need for consistency and flawless presentation.
  • Guiding a collaborative process with rigor and care.

I’m Also an Artist

  • Professional dancer and choreographer.
  • Co-artistic director of Green Chair Dance Group 2004-2014. That’s 10 years of honing collaborative processes and 10 years of writing, editing, and proofreading marketing materials, grant applications, fundraising campaigns, etc.
  • Visual artist working with paper and thread.

Copyediting and Proofreading: Highlights

The Poet in Connecticut • Dan Burstein • 2015-2018
  • Website designer, copyeditor, and proofreader for author’s personal poetry website.
  • Built and managed WordPress site.
Acing Tort Law • Shubha Ghosh • 2017
  • Copyeditor and proofreader for second edition.
  • Addressed student complaints about first edition by significantly increasing clarity and readability.
Acing Evidence • Aviva Orenstein • 2016
  • Copyeditor and proofreader for second edition.
  • Corrected extremely detailed manuscript, including finding typos in law rule names and numbers in both body text and footnotes.
Fat Chance • Aviva Orenstein • 2016
  • Copyeditor and proofreader for author’s fiction debut.
  • Ensured consistency of character details and voicing; correctness of grammar; and cleanliness of body text, front and back matter, and flap copy.

Other Editorial Projects: Highlights

Exhausting Intellectual Property Rights • Shubha Ghosh & Irene Calboli • 2018
  • Developmental editor.
  • Helped authors make complex legal ideas clear to intended non-expert audience.
  • Merged two authorial voices into coherent whole.
Editor & Researcher • Squibnocket Partners, LLC • 2004-2005; 2008-2018
  • Edited and proofread essays and interviews.
  • Researched key materials and people, synthesized information, and extracted central arguments to create summary reports and book outlines.
  • Wrote and/or edited blog posts to grow online community around print titles.
100% Philadelphia • Sarah Gladwin Camp/Fringearts • 2014
  • Developmental editor and book project manager.
  • Distilled extensive notes from more than 100 interviews into short first-person profiles that captured essence of interviewees and met project content requirements.
  • Worked under tight and shifting deadlines, steering moving pieces from project manager, graphic designer, and producer.
Project Editor • David R. Godine, Publisher • 2008
  • After interning, was hired as Project Editor to serve as primary editor for a book.
  • Edited essay manuscript and proofread entire text.
  • Organized all documents and information related to the title.
  • Coordinated workflow and communication with author, production team, and foreign publisher.


Swarthmore College 2006
Bachelor of Arts in Religion, Minor in Dance. GPA: 3.72, Major GPA: 3.79. Teaching Assistant for first-year science writing seminar at Haverford College (Spring 2006).

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