About the outside eye

I’ve always loved what I consider the heart of editing: discovering and drawing out the essence of what someone is saying so that it can be expressed most clearly and beautifully. I’ve also always loved the side perk: closely reading your work lets me learn about subjects and ways of thinking I might not otherwise encounter.

I’m Hannah de Keijzer, a freelance editor and proofreader. I help popular nonfiction authors, academics, novelists, and artists like you bring their best written work into the world. 

I was that weirdo high school student who owned and regularly referenced an etymological dictionary. As an adult I channel that nerdom by editing and proofreading, which I’ve done for individual authors and artists, publishing companies, arts organizations, and a city government initiative. (Yes, the dictionary is still on my shelf.) 

I’m also a professional choreographer and dancer and was Co-Artistic Director of a collaborative dance company for a decade. Boy howdy, did that teach me how to create and sustain a successful creative working relationship.

I know from long experience the skill, effort, time, and emotional labor required to bring a creative idea from possibility to reality. You start with nothing and turn it into something. That’s big! 

But we all hit the vulnerable point of needing a compassionate but rigorous outside eye to help us turn our something into the very best something it can be. I’d love to be that outside eye for you.

I want you to be really proud of what you put out into the world.

Ready for it? 

Learn more about how we can work together. 

Or get in touch here or email me directly at hannah.dekeijzer [at] gmail [dot] com.